Life & Financial Coaching Workshops 2/10/09

  • Hear how 22 nations are being impacted by leaders Coaching in 7M "intelligences"
  • Learn how hundreds of churches are transitioning into 3-D Discipleship Coaching
  • Discover the most accelerated method to zero debt through Financial Coaching

Kingdom Business Network Luncheon Fred's Market Restaurant 2120 Harden Blvd  Lakeland February 10, 2009 12:00 – 2:00PM (seating is limited)

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Joseph Umidi, Practical Ministry Department at Regent Divinity School

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Dr. Joseph Umidi is the most tenured professor in the Practical Ministry Department at Regent Divinity School, Senior Overseer of 12 churches, Founder and President of the world's largest Christian Coach Training Ministry, pioneer of 7M Coaching that integrates core "intelligences" into the 7 mountain mandate, and innovator of Financial Coaching that enables Debt Releasing to turn into Dream Realization. His passion is a movement of spiritual Fathers and Mothers who raise up an army of sons and daughters who operate in these core values:

  • Relate to others from the Heart of the Father
  • Work with others with what the Spirit is prioritizing
  • Believe in others to take stewardship responsibility for their own lives
  • Love others unconditionally from a "no judgment zone"


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