Come join us for our first meeting this year as we release some fresh vision that the Lord has given us for KBN. We feel like God is taking us to our next level.We will be sharing about alignment and how it effects our destiny.
David and Jonathan are examples in the Bible of those who aligned themselves in covenant to fulfill God’s ordained purpose. David could never have reached his prophetic destiny if he had not been aligned with Jonathan. Proper alignment helps us reach our destiny.  Our alignment must be with those who want God’s highest and best for our lives. Just being aligned will not get a person into their destiny. Our alignments will either help us get into our destiny, or they will keep us from it! Therefore, it is very important whom we are aligned to.
 Date:           Jan. 12th, 2010
Place:          Fred’s Market
Address:      2120 Harden Blvd. Lakeland, Fl.
Time:           12:00 – 1:15 pm
Cost:           Just pay for your lunch

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