Luncheon – May 25, 2010

Our next luncheon at Fred's Market 2120 Harden Blvd.Lakeland Fl.will be May 25th 12:00 pm. Lets come together and discover God's purpose for us as business owners. We welcome your input. Pastor and intercessors are invited.


(1) Where do we fit in the local church?

(2) Where do we fit in the city church?

(3) Do we have authority in our sphere of influence?

(4) Can we open up the gate for social transformation?

(5) Can we open up the gate for wealth transfer?

(6) Can the business mountain and religion mountain function together?

(7) As the business mountain is reclaimed will it be used to finance the work of reformation

for the other 6 mountains. ( Religion, Family, Education, Government, arts and entertainment and Media)?

Rich Marshall gives us 7 characteristics of a " marketplace minister" or "marketplace apostles"

They perform signs and wonders

They exhibit authority

They break bondages

They transfer wealth

They hear the voice of God

They function as biblical entrepreneurs

They reach nations


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