Luncheon – June 8, 2010


Our next luncheon at Fred's Market 2120 Harden Blvd. Lakeland Fl. will be June 8th at 12:00 pm.

Topic: Strongholds that prevent us from being prosperous.

Some of the main strongholds I see in the marketplace is mammon, greed, pride and the religious sprit which tells us business people are not as spiritual as people in full time ministry. I believe we are all in full time ministry.

Also another stronghold I see is the Priest have the vision while the Kings have the provision. There's truth in this but we need to be balanced, God has called us to do far more than to finance a building project or take care of the electric bill for our church. He wants to  use us to bring reformation to society outside the four walls, turn our cities  upside down and reach nations.


Thought this was interesting.



Change          Realign

Uproot          Loosen

Shift          Takeover

Transform the world system to

The Kingdom of God

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