Luncheon – August 10, 2010



Tara Travis, hearalded as the Leading Lady in Marketplace Ministry™ and Spirit Driven Success Coach™ is a unique pioneer and Gift who easily bridges the gap between ministry and the marketplace. Her work brings both a spiritual awakening and cultural reformation to societal living by empowering others to co-create with God in the dreams He has placed in their hearts. She is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Business Strategist making a significant impact on the world through her marketplace ministry.

Tara is also a dynamic teacher and preacher of God's word. She speaks for women’s conferences, professional organizations and associations, marketplace ministries, radio, teleseminars, television broadcasts and churches.

She is culturally diverse and speaks to people of all backgrounds and denominations as she inspires hearts to live extraordinary lives.

Her personal mission is to empower others to co- create with God in every facet of society including: Business,Education, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Media and Church. She believes we are all leaders and as such, we should use our influence in the earth to bring both an awakening and reformation in spiritual and practical applications.

From 2005-2009 Tara served as the founder of Godly Business Women's Network which was one of the first and fastest growing marketplace ministries for Christian women professionals. Through the tutelage of her Millionaire and Spiritual Mentors her next assignment from God was given. She re-engineered her programs, products and services to entirely new heights combining the perfect blend of spiritual, personal, and professional development.

She is now the Founder & CEO of Leading Ladies Inner Circle™, the first and only international success coaching program for spirit driven female entrepreneurs and the Creator of the Spirit Driven Success Blueprint™ Home Study System. Now for the first time ever,Tara has opened her doors for exclusive one on one in person coaching, consulting, and ministry sessions through her Diamond Days™ program.

Often described by others as "An Agent of Change", "Marketplace Minister", "Spiritual Leader", and "Activator of Dreams", Tara's personal success is directly related to her ability in making others successful in their own dream.Tara is an intuitive, prophetic, fun loving, and passionate Christian woman who resides in Jacksonville, Florida as a successful entrepreneur with a thriving coaching practice and speaking ministry. Her heart’s desire is to see cities and nations redeemed and transformed by those who are awakened to their divine destinies while using their gifts and talents to impact the world.

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