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Night of Worship & Intercession


We are very excited about our next night of worship and intercession with Worship Leader Gilda Borrego, her husband Jimmy and their ministry team from "All Nations Outreach Center" which is an inner city church in Tampa, FL. She is also the leader of a team called "Everburn" which host nights of pure worship & intercession with no agenda but to seek after the Father's heart.

Our focus will be on business and finances, but everyone is welcome. If you know how to pray we need you. We feel like it's time for a breakthrough for christian businesses and finances in the Body of Christ. Many of God's people can't do what they are called to because they lack finances.I believe as we enter into His presence He will give us strategies to take our businesses and ministries to the next level.

We feel like targeted intercession for our city, state and nation is absolutely necessary if real territory is to be taken and held.

All Pastors, Government Officials, Intercessors and business owners are welcome.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Date:  January 20th, 2012
Time:  7:00pm
Location: Community Southern Bank
Address:  3340 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland, FL  33803

Today God Is First


Tested for Abundance
October 14th, 2010 by Os Hillman
“We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.” Psalm 66:12b
It is nice to hear that God desires to bring us into abundance. In fact, many a preacher has promoted the goodness of the Lord and His ability to prosper His children. Alas, my experience is that this gospel of material abundance has little to do with the gospel of the Kingdom as our Lord works in the realm of the sanctified soul. The passage above tells us that God does in fact bring us into places of abundance. However, upon further study of the entire passage, we learn the route to this abundance.
For you, O God, tested us; You refined us like silver. You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance (Psalm 66:10-12). God’s economy of abundance often has little to do with material blessing. In God’s economy, abundance is often measured in wisdom and knowledge of Himself. It is then that we are truly blessed. Wisdom cannot be gained through intellectual pursuits. Wisdom comes only through experience. Real wisdom comes from the kinds of experiences that come only through the deepest tests. Lessons of refinement, including prison accompanied by burdens, lead us through the fire and water. This is the territory that must be traveled to reach that place of abundance. It would seem strange that a loving God would use such means with His children. What we often fail to realize is that God’s measuring stick is the character and likeness of Jesus Christ Himself in each of us. This cannot be gained through a life of ease and pleasure. Ease and pleasure fail to refine.
Is God using your workplace to refine you today? Has He placed you in a prison or laid burdens on your back? Take heart if this is the place you find yourself, and realize that if you are faithful through the tests, you will enter a place of abundance that few will ever attain. The darkest hour is just before daybreak. 

Today God is First: Moving With the Cloud


September 3rd, 2010 by Os Hillman

“Whether by day or by night, whenever the cloud lifted, they set out.” Numbers 9:21b

God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, and they had to pass through the desert on their way to the Promised Land. God was their guide by means of a cloud that appeared overhead. When it moved, they moved. When it stopped, they stopped – sometimes a day, a week, even a year.

Imagine living with the uncertainty of this situation. One day you work at getting your “house” in order, only to have to pick up the stakes and move. Your ability to plan is totally gone. But even greater is the temptation to move when the cloud did not move because you felt it was time to move. For the Israelites, perhaps the grass was no longer green. Perhaps the water was not easily accessible. Perhaps the bugs were a problem. Whatever the case, they were strictly prohibited from moving if the cloud did not move.

It is still the same today. We are not to move unless the Holy Spirit instructs us to do so. We are not to make that business deal on the basis of whether or not it makes sense, but on the leading of the Holy Spirit’s “cloud” in our life. It is a difficult process to move only when we are directed, and to remain if we are not. The pressure is always upon us to move, to plan, to act. But if we act, we may move into a place where the presence of God may not be. Hence, the rub. The Christian workplace believer must learn to move when God says move; it is a sign of complete surrender and dependence on God’s Spirit to direct our steps.

Ask God today if you are sitting under His cloud. Or, have you moved when He said stand still? He will show you. 

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